The Jacana Group aims to assist brokers in focusing on what they do best. As a network of local brokers, we believe that together we can scale rapidly, transform effectively, and conform to regulation smartly – with a quicker path to digitization and data excellence that will ultimately deliver better insurance and risk management solutions to our clients.


The foundations for The Jacana Group were laid in 2016 with the vision that together, we can do better. Subsequently, the group has grown to include a consolidation of carefully selected, independent financial services intermediaries that share this vision, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

The broker partners benefit from a unique equity-based co-ownership business model, with the maintenance of local autonomy and independence and continuity of their brand and legacy. Owner operators remain directly responsible for the day-to-day broking activities whilst leveraging the benefits that come from belonging to a wider group. These strategic benefits provide solutions to the pressing challenges that brokers face such as regulatory pressure, digitisation, scale efficiency and transformation.

The group’s unique relationship with Jacana Administration Services centralizes and takes care of on-platform binder and outsourced facilities, as well as other support services. This allows the broker partners to focus on what they do best – providing risk solutions and advice to their clients.


Medu Capital is the key shareholder for the Jacana Group. Medu is an owner-managed, private equity business that was established in 2003. Since inception, the business has raised over R 2BN in capital and has invested in 33 businesses.

Medu is the ideal investor for the Jacana Group because:
–     Of its flat corporate structure
–     Access to capital
–     Extensive strategy and investment skills
–     Leading BEE credentials (100% black owned)

We aim to build an Insurance Ecosystem that requires co-operation to co-exist. We’re a network of independent local brokers whose employees go the extra mile for their clients because they’re invested and have a sense of independence driven by an owner-managed mindset.


There are a multitude of positive financial benefits that come with joining the Jacana Group – for all who are involved.
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All insurer binders and outsourced arrangements are placed on the Jacana Admin platform, which provides services to the retail broking and advice business partners. Jacana Admin is independent and does not attract the “association” rule with broker business. It also provides other operational resources and support services, including IT, Financial Management, Legal and Compliance and HR/Payroll. It is effectively our execution engine vital to the growth of our broker network where the differentiator will be tech driven.